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BAHOMA Chameleon Instant Hydration Hand Moisturiser, 1er Pack (1 x 250 ml)

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The dense and well absorbed texture of this hand moisturiser contains a scientifically balanced moisturising complex which creates an intelligent lipid bilayer to regulate water loss which is similar to the one found within healthy skin. This product will help to protect your hands from losing hydration and will assist in keeping optimum, long-lasting level of moisturisation after every wash. To maximize benefits, the moisturising complex is paired with natural oils and butters, rich in natural anti-oxidants and nutrients which create a protective barrier that holds-in your skin's water without clogging pores. Use this moisturiser after washing your hands and whenever you feel the slightest tightness on your hands. Always remember to put this Hand Moisturiser straight away after washing your hands. This way you will add a protective layer while your skin is still damp to retain the most of your skin's natural moisture level. Also, the nutritious ingredients can penetrate better when they are dissolved. Use gentle massage movements on your hands and apply even pressure, giving an extra attention to spots between your fingers to leave your hands feeling rejuvenated and pampered.

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